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Buy APAAN Drug Online Alpha-phenylacetoacetonitrile, CAS Registry Number: 4468-48-8, is a white to light yellow crystalline powder produced from benzylcyanide. buy apaan online from

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Buy APAAN Drug Online

Buy Alpha-Phenylacetoacetonitrile Online

Buy APAAN Drug Online is a white to light yellow crystalline powderproduced from benzylcyanide. Buy APAAN online from reliable supplier

What is Alpha-Phenylacetoacetonitrile (APAAN)?
Alpha-Phenylacetoacetonitrile is a chemical with CAS number 4468-48-8 that has been categorized as a list I substance according to the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). It is found to be used in clandestine chemical labs for manufacturing a schedule II controlled drug in an illegal manner, named phenyl-2-propanone or P2P), methamphetamine, and amphetamine. Because of this reason, DEA has proposed it to be a controlled substance.

Any chemical mixture which has Alpha-Phenylacetoacetonitrile is subject to the regulation by CSA except in certain cases when it may be exempted.

What are the synonyms of Alpha Phenylacetoacetonitrile?
Alpha Phenylacetoacetonitrile is known by the following names also:

NSC 11777
NSC 25183
NSC 55206
What are the different available forms of Alpha Phenylacetoacetonitrile?
This chemical is available in powdered form having a yellow, brown or white colour or even in the crystalline forms having a pale straw yellow colour.Buy APAAN Drug Online

Where to buy Alpha Phenylacetoacetonitrile?
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What is the process of synthesis or preparation of Alpha Phenylacetoacetonitrile?
60 gm of clean sodium is taken having 2.6-gram atoms is taken along with 700cc of absolute alcohol. Using this, a sodium ethoxide solution is made in a 2-1 round-bottomed flask that has a reflux condenser fitted to it. A mixture of 234 g or 2 moles of pure benzyl cyanide and 264 g or 3 moles of dry ethyl acetate is added to this hot solution, after which it is shaken properly. A calcium chloride tube is used to close the condenser.

Buy APAAN Drug Online